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March 8, 2020 Cabinets

Standard Measure Hallway Coat Hooks

Hallway Coat Hooks – The depth of the cabinet is determined by several factors, such as what you want to save it. It usually depends on the type of cabinet you’re building: it is a closet for bedroom, hallway or a pantry. Default depths exist because most of the clothes need a certain amount of space to be hung without being squeezed from the sides or doors.

The hallway coat hooks of cabinets for bedrooms is 61 cm in order to have enough space to hang a shirt or light jacket on hangers in the closet, which mostly accommodates garments. However, larger individuals or those with heavier clothing such as sports coats, and winter jackets, choose 71 cm deep, which allows storage of shoes under the hanging clothes, beyond their boxes, sports equipment and other objects with boxes such as flashlights and books on shelves on the closet rod.

The corridor cupboard, cabinet also known as coating typically has 71 cm depth, measured that allows hanging hallway coat hooks and large increases the storage space above and below the closet rod. This depth facilitates storage toolboxes, winter boots and molds for shoe on the closet floor. Most cabinets coating is not deeper than this measurement. Any gain deeper cabinet space is lost because the jackets occupy most of the storage space.

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