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April 13, 2021 Other

Sterilized Glass Food Storage Containers

Sterilized Glass Food Storage Containers – One of the advantages of buying products that come in glass containers is that then these containers can be reused to store food over and over again safely, as well as being a 100% recyclable material, glass is waterproof , nonporous and inert. This means that there is no risk of chemical interactions between the container and the product to be stored in it, as there are with the use of some packaging plastic. By so when we store food in glass containers, usually kept in good condition for longer, without taste, texture or flavor of the food is spoiled. Of course, before reuse must be taken to sterilize glass containers previously and this is achieved in a simple manner.

The first thing we do is rinse the glass food storage containers to remove debris from the original content and will wash thoroughly with hot water and detergent. Once clean, we will focus on removing labels, for which we fill the sink with hot soapy water and immerse containers, will leave about twenty minutes to soak. Then with a sponge we will rub well to remove the labels, if necessary we can use a spatula or a rigid tool to remove the glue. Once just we remove all labels and glue, well rinsed containers and will place them in a pot.

We put a tea towel or dishcloths between glass food storage containers to prevent collide and break when the water boils. Then slowly fill the pot with cold water, we make sure that the water covers fine glass containers. Put the pot on the fire and once boiling water, leave for half an hour. After this time put out the fire and we can remove the containers with a clamp being careful not to burn, or we can allow cooling in the water. Once we remove the water, place the containers upside down to drain on a cloth or grid. The lids of the containers must also be sterilized, but we must bear in mind that inside they are coated with rubber, so just be boiled for 5 or 10 minutes, because it is possible that the material melts and spoil the process sterilization.

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