Modern Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

May 2, 2021 Backsplash

Stick On Tile Backsplash Decorating Ideas

Stick on tile backsplash – Subway tiles that can be opened and peeled. The type that you can install more than the existing tiles in the afternoon, without any special tools or tricks. Sounds like a legend of stuff made out of, does not it? But this is real, you guys. Very real. View Smart Tiles.

Stick on tile backsplash is smart tiles instead of tiles, but thin sheets that stick to the surface and replicate the look of tiles and grout. They are made of a special gel material, so they are more lustrous than ordinary tiles. With all accounts (what I can find in comments and forums across the web), the unnatural sheen seems to be giving away their secrets. But I think a little shine is a group that is more tolerable than living with a kitchen backsplash that you hate. Plus Рsound the trumpet Рthey can be removed.

Recently doing a big roundup with the stick on tile backsplash idea, found a sample of Smart Tiles in the wild. And, yes, they really look really good. At the top of the post is a Hexagon pattern shoot in the L’atelier de Curiosit√© kitchen, and directly above is the same pattern in view before and after in the Carnism Parisiens backsplash makeover. Smart Tiles are self-adhesive tile components they will stick to a clean, dry and smooth surface (including existing tiles). They are also heat resistant and moist, perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

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