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April 29, 2021 Cabinets

Stylish Popular Dart Board Cabinet

Dart board cabinet – A dartboard is a perfect addition to any bar or man cave. A billiards table can be too expensive and bulky to be installed in a limited space, and then dart board cabinet would be a good alternative. Darts is a great indoor game that does not take much time to learn. It’s more of a skill game that requires concentration and eye-hand coordination to allow for consistent results.

A dart board cabinet takes barely space. It can be mounted on any wall and is an independent entity. You would not need an extra set of boxes or racks to hold the other equipment you need to play the game. All deliveries – dartboard, darts, scoreboard and chalk can be easily stowed in a wooden box. Since it is hung on a wall, it also does not give rise to obstacles to the people who can walk around. Whether you use an electronic dartboard, a bristle dartboard or other types of boards, making a dart board cabinet should be a great project.

Since the dartboard is circular, you can use a square shape of the cabinet. A piece of plywood, there are 24 inches on all four sides, and an inch thick should be high for this purpose. Prepare four other pieces of wood measuring 24 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch. Use a miter to cut perfect 45 degree corners at the edges of your pieces of wood. Doing this will ensure that the joints will be solid and stable since the angles all would be right. Use the hinges to secure the doors of the dart board cabinet. Magnetic strips can also be used to secure the door when you want it to remain closed. Secure the small boxes at the bottom of the doors. This should serve as a container for darts, chalk making and game instructions for beginners.

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