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December 1, 2019 Accessories

Super Beautiful Boxwood Wreath Diy

Boxwood wreath diy – Would you like to welcome your guests with a fine Christmas wreath on door, I show here how to tie a wreath with natural materials. With garden just outside door, it is obvious to find things there that can be used for decoration. It may be you have to supplement with vegetables from nearest park or a walk in woods. As long as you gather for their own use, you may pick things from nature. Branches with berries on, overblown formation of seeds, lavender, pine cones, spruce, anything can be used.

It’s easiest to start with a boxwood wreath diy there are not too great. A straw rim with a diameter of about 20 cm is good. Larger wreath, more material you will need. Straw wreath is good because it is soft and gives a little when you start wrapping material on wire.

Material just might be divided into small florets. Vegetables such as boxwood wreath diy, spruce or one can be used as a filling in between more colorful things. Since wreath to hang on door, and only visible from front, material must not be tied to back. When you have reached all way around, pushed last stems under tips of first material to avoid creating a hole. Pinch steel thread with pliers and attach end of back during wrapped thread.

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