Cherry Finish Nightstand Bed

Special Cherry Finish Nightstand

April 6, 2020 Cherry

Sweet Ideas for Cherry Wood Crib

Cherry wood crib – Babies grow, it is natural law, and cribs are small and in perfect condition. What do you do with them once they have lost their functionality? We have always been passing from one sibling to another or have given it to a relative or acquaintance. But we can also do something more with them to keep them at home as sweet memories and testimony of tenderest childhood of our little ones.

With a cherry wood crib, with little transformation, we can create a nice desk. We will only need board, in this case in glass as it gives assembly more lightness. Bar rails are ideal for transforming them into practical magazine racks. We will always have them there as a faithful memory and with a very practical use. I love use they have given to this crib, as a side table or waitress is ideal. Practical, because you can move around with wheels and can carry all service for a meal on terrace.

Sometimes it is not even necessary to remove crib from children’s room; it can be transformed into a playful play area. With oldest cherry wood crib rescued from old storage rooms of family we can create real furniture that will give a vintage touch to our decoration. In photo above a solid iron cradle has been transformed into a practical sofa for porch.

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