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October 14, 2020 Birch

The Beauty of Birch Wood Vase Flower

Birch wood vase – Birch wood never goes out of style. What is for many a functional wood can dress much the rooms and give a touch of clarity or luminosity to the piece? These attractions, together with their low cost, make birch wood one of the most used woods in the manufacture of furniture. Know one of the most appreciated woods in different movements of decoration and furniture like the English Liberty style.

Birch wood vase, also known as white birch, is a deciduous tree native to the temperate and cold forests of the European and Asian continents. While birch can easily withstand long, cold winters, it is a tree very vulnerable to prolonged droughts. Their natural distribution is frequent to the margin of the rivers or other humid zones, although also there are numerous plantations of birch by its multiple profits. The main use of birch is wood, from which both furniture and pulp are extracted, although it is also a tree highly prized for its medicinal properties.

If you want to give a clear, bright and clean touch to the furniture of your house, especially the kitchen, choose furniture made of birch wood. For example, birch wood vase. Despite their delicate appearance, the birch furniture will last for a long time and you will see that they do not grate or spoil easily.

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