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July 31, 2020 Subway

The Best Idea Subway Tile Shower

Subway tile shower come in all sorts of colors and shadows, so you’ll easily find your perfect fit. As green? Swing several colors of them on the walls of your shower or in the entire bathroom. Do you prefer tones inspired by the ocean? You can easily find navy blue, dark blue, light blue and aqua shades of all kinds to create your personal piece of the sea. For those who love simplicity and neutral decor, there are always classic white and gray subway tiles. Black subway tiles are amazing for male restrooms and art deco.

There are even subway mosaics, which not only create an accent, but also reflect the light and make the bathroom look bigger; they are also great for glamorous bathrooms. The underground subway tile shower can be coated in several ways: cross hatching, stacking union, and traditional fishbone, ligation in execution, straight and diagonal fishbone, displacement, and diagonal displacement, vertical stacking union and vertical compensation joint.

The most popular patterns used for bathrooms are offset, spike of different types and vertical coating, everything depends on the style of decoration and the impression you want to leave. Tiling the tiles in various patterns and using contrast grout is a good way to highlight even the simplest subway tile shower.

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