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November 20, 2019 Bedspread Designs

The Difference both Dust Ruffle and Skirted Bedspread

Skirted bedspread – While both the bed skirt and dust ruffle serve the purpose of providing coverage between spaces between the end of the comforter or bedspread and the floor, they are actually constructed differently and are placed on the bed with different means. However, a bed skirt does not involve the use of an elastic band to hold in place.

A skirted bedspread is constructed as a solid fabric body and a sewn ruffled or pleated outer part on three sides of the body. In order to use a skirted bedspread, it is necessary to put the body between the mattress and the box sources. The outer part is positioned to hang down the two long sides and the foot of the bed. Unlike dust ripple, the bed’s skirt does not provide coverage on the floor at the bottom of the bed.

In most bedroom settings, a dust ruffle and bed skirt gives the same look when the bed is fully made. The color or pattern of the skirt or ruffle should complement the color scheme on the bed linen, and should be made of a linen material similar to the disc or the spokesman. This will help to provide a uniform look to the bedding and leave the dust ruffle or skirted bedspread to enhance the overall look of the bed.

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