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April 26, 2020 Storage bed

The Preferred Space: Diy Under Bed Storage

Admittedly, we have all gone through that moment of disaster in our rooms where the easiest way to organize and store everything is by throwing it under the bed. The high beds with diy under bed storage space between the mattress and the floor are perfect for storing objects or clothes, designing multiple drawers allows to subdivide this space to make it more organized and usable.

If you like beds with a solid structure, you can choose to make the board where the mattress rests is a lid that you can open to keep extra sheets and blankets. The diy under bed storage is basically the main element when it comes to storing our clothes and shoes. These elements can be adapt to all types of rooms, large or small. If your space is limited, opt for closets with sliding doors and built-in drawers.

These will minimize the space that will occupy the closet inside the room, maximizing its useful diy under bed storage. It is important not to leave out the decoration of the closet doors; you can use bold colors, mix patterns or even mirror doors to maximize the space of your room. Play with striking colors and textures, you can buy them or make them yourself.

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