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November 5, 2019 Mosaic

The Pros And Cons Of Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Glass mosaic tile backsplash – One of the great debates about the kitchen involves the return. Just like when looking at cabinets, desks, paint colors and floors, homeowners pay attention to factors such as cost, maintenance and resale value when they shop for new designs. Glass mats and natural stones – such as travertine, marble, soapstone, granite and quartz – are the two options that get the lion’s attention, so we decided to put pros and cons on the table. . Use this direct confrontation to pick the winner for your kitchen space.

The case for Glass Mosaics. They provide a high-end look. Glass mosaic tile backsplash certainly knows how to enchant. They are much more polished than natural stones, which is why they often feel more luxurious. Some colour combinations and shapes can make an artistic statement, while iridescent and shiny finishes can make neutral tones feel bold as primary colours.

They can quickly get out of style. Long-term resale value is a problem when it comes to glass mosaic tile backsplash. Stylish colors and patterns may not be in the next five or 10 years, not to mention that glass versions may not be. Consider your long-term plan. If you do not live in your permanent home right now, you may want to play it safe with natural stone.

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