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October 17, 2019 Subway

The Protagonist White Beveled Subway Tile

White beveled subway tile is still used basically in bathrooms and kitchens for the same reasons that the Americans integrated them into their homes: they make it possible to highlight the cleanliness of the spaces and accentuate their luminosity. But recently we are also seeing them in all kinds of commercial establishments with vintage airs such as coffee shops, butchers, hairdressers, etc.

Also in glossy and matt version, also with or without bevel, but with that advantage that allows to give a more masculine touch to the space. Combined with white are a delight and an incontestable classic. Colors have arrived with the latest evolution of white beveled subway tile. There are all types and with different effects on the finishes: with or without enameling, with or without bevel, with crackle or smooth effect.

After all, they are like any ceramic tile, just that they maintain the shape and style of the tile that flooded the tunnels of the most urban transportation system: white beveled subway tile. After the explosion of colors, another of the evolutions of the decoration with subway tiles is to highlight its shape by marking the joints in black to generate a visual contrast and break with the predominant white, as if outside a grid.

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