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March 28, 2021 Storage bed

Truck Bed Storage Drawers Ideas

Truck bed storage drawers over the sleigh bed will give your bedroom a remarkable sense of balance. For example, hang a large piece of fabric from your roof so that only the four corners of the fabric attach the ceiling and the rest of the fabric hangs down in a small “smile” shape. This form directly invokes the natural curves of the sleigh bed, and imitating these curves from the ceiling gives a more harmonious effect on the entire room. Use contrast when choosing this chapel:

Templates and Images

An easy way to decorate your truck bed storage drawers and take advantage of its unique design is to stencil pictures or patterns on the front of its foot aboard. Stencil something simple as a discreet floral pattern, or go all out and paint a small mural there. Painting a picture on the front of your sleigh bed is easier than you might think. Simply print the desired image on transparency and borrow or rent a projector. Project your image on the front of your sleigh bed, track and then paint it.

Shabby Chic

Also give the newest sled bed an old-fashioned look by painting it with crackle paint for a shabby chic look. The distinctive shape of truck bed storage drawers and cracked paint will work together to give your entire room an artistic yet rustic look. Achieving this cracked looks with a few methods: apply a base coat and then another layer may have a similar or contrasting color and then a final transparent cracked surface that will spit the color beneath it. Alternatively, buy paint that splashes when it dries. This look is suitable for sleek beds in bedrooms that already have several vintage accents.

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