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February 11, 2021 Subway

Unique and Original White Subway Tile Shower

The white subway tile shower is a classic ceramic world that remains unchanged over time and fashions. The origins of the underground tile date back to 1904, when the New York subway opened its doors. Its stations were covered imitating a brick wall but giving it a unique and original touch. The subway tiles represent like none the simple, elegant and contemporary style. Currently they are coming back with great force and are increasingly used by interior designers in their projects.

And for that reason we present you these fantastic ideas so that you can use them the next reform of your bathroom. The white subway tile shower is the best option if you do not have clear which tiles to choose: They are timeless, elegant and combine perfectly with different styles of decoration. If you are a fan of classic, rustic, art deco, industrial, Scandinavian and of course modern style, the subway tile is the ideal choice.

The combination of white subway tile shower on the wall and black hexagonal pavement look fantastic in this modernist bathroom the subway tiles are very versatile and can be used in any area of ??the bathroom. They can be used to coat the walls. You can also use them to highlight certain areas by combining them with more neutral ceramics for the rest of your bathroom; In this way you will give your bathroom a touch of personality.

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