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November 18, 2019 Mosaic

Unique and Unrepeatable Mirror Mosaic Tiles

Mirror mosaic tiles – Make the colors of your kitchen reflect your passion, your joy and your lifestyle. Go beyond the classic combinations, and dare to try new things that can make your kitchen a unique and unrepeatable design. Create uniformity by combining the surfaces of the walls with the rest of the furniture. So you can use any type of pattern and give more seriousness with the furniture, or make a smooth and somber surface something fun, if you contrast them.

Covering the walls with mosaics is not only a good option for decoration, it serves as a great uniform background for the design you choose. It also serves to protect your walls from dirt, vapors and grease that may adhere to them. Mirror mosaic tiles can be easier to clean than normal walls. When you imagine your design, try to establish a palette of 3 or 4 colors. But when you do it, remember that there is more than one material that has a similar color.

And including a greater variety of them will make your kitchen unique and charming. Finally, to make everyone enjoy the beauty of your space, do not forget to provide adequate lighting. In the case of mirror mosaic tiles, you can experiment a little with direct or indirect lights, to illuminate the shiny surfaces, or with specific LED lights, to give drama to the opaque zones.

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