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Update Your Kitchen with Turquoise Tile Backsplash

Turquoise tile backsplash – In an obsolete kitchen, a dingy tile backsplash is a feature that shows the true age of a room. To modernize the kitchen tile without wasting time and money to completely replace it, paint and some sealed work wonders. From a new coat of white paint to creating complex paintings, there is a technique of brick painting to suit every style of home decoration. Designers at Martha Stewart hand-painted new white bricks with wavy lines to form the niches, but you can try a similar technique to update the plain white background you already own. An imperfect model significantly reduces the share of the picture directly on the tile.

The easiest way to change the date is to cover the entire surface with fresh colours, like the blue of the turquoise tile backsplash A Beautiful Mess selected above. And if you feel tired of colour in a few years? Do not worry, you can always draw on it.

To get a glimpse of the traditional Portuguese tiles on the outdated turquoise tile backsplash comes your location, embellish the bricks with Cutting Edge Stencils, as shown in the kitchen above from House Over Head. If you’re going for that rustic, Fixer Upper-style kitchen, follow¬†Gracie Blue’s lead and whitewash exposed brick with watered-down chalk paint.

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