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February 13, 2020 Accessories

Updating Bubble Chandelier DIY

Updating Bubble Chandelier DIY – Bubble chandeliers update the traditional multi-bulb chandelier in a lot of light, modern art consists of the glittering, circular glass shapes. Even small bubble chandeliers usually cost hundreds of dollars, but you can make a convincing facsimile of their simple designs using cheap materials from the craft store and hardware store. Most bubble chandeliers use only clear glass balls, but you can mix a few translucent pink, blue or silver balls for an extra dose of rainbow colors.

Cut off from the end of the outlet of your extension cord for updating bubble chandelier DIY. Grab that side of the wire with your wire strippers, and then twist and pull to remove about an inch of insulation. The strip 1 inch from each end of your three-cord socket less. Turn the three exposed black cord kit wires around the cord exposed black wire, and twist the three white wires around the white wire extension cord. Cover your work with white electrical tape. Screw a bulb in each socket. Cut your floral wire to 2-inch lengths. Ask a length of wire on the working surface of your then place your nail perpendicular to its center. Pull each side of the wire up and over the nail. Slide to reveal the nail of a single, perfect loop with about 1 inch length of wire extending from both sides.

Create another loop 17 floral wire pieces for updating bubble chandelier DIY. Pull the silver pendant tops of each Christmas ball. Insert a piece of wire vertically into the opening at the top of each ball glass. Working the inserted piece of wire until the white thread loop emerges from the hole jewel. You can leave on the silver pendants as you wanted, instead of using the white loop wire, but the balls replaced the hangers with the more discreet wire makes less natural look planned for Christmas ornaments. Cut 18 1-foot long lengths of fishing line and tie the end of each line to one of your high wire loops. Organize your prepared balls into three groups of six. Cluster all the balls in each group around one of the lamps, and then bind them to the cord just above the connector. Play with the length of each string until you get the correct clustered effect. Attach the chandelier to your ceiling with a hook on the ceiling screwed into a ceiling stud.

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