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Updating Sideboard Cabinet

Sideboard cabinet has a dual purpose at home. Functionally, store and hide our belongings. Aesthetically, they dominate the mood of a room. As such, old cabinets can suck the energy out of a room. Apply some simple changes to cabinets in a house for a space boring and outdated to the vibrant and modern.

Sideboard cabinet, adding a new coat of paint or a new coat of stain revitalizes old cabinets, especially if the surrounding color scheme has changed over the years. Remove the cabinet finish paint or stain, chemical strippers or vigorous sanding. Some finishes, such as latex paint, do not require removal before repainting. Elimination of the first doors and hardware will facilitate the process of refinishing.

Sideboard cabinet hardware tarnishes and fades over time. New hinges and handles make an update inexpensive. Modern cabinet hardware ranges from classic looks like brushed metal and porcelain, to the more exotic, such as transparent acrylic glass and even styles. Replacing knobs and handles is simply unscrew the old hardware and screw the new hardware in place (assuming you choose an installation similar hardware). Replacing hinges, however, requires the closet door to be removed from the frame.

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