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November 18, 2019 Ladder

Using a Little Giant Ladder Lowes

Little giant ladder lowes – Falling off a ladder is not fun. The versatility of little giant ladder lowes allows a secure configuration no matter what the project. Little Giant can be used as an A-frame or extension ladder. It can also be configured to work in stairs or scaffolding. It can be easily adapted to any of these configurations in seconds. The different lengths and configurations make it like having 24 ladders in one!


Adjust the angle. The hinge, on the top of the ladder while in storage mode, you can change the steps from storage to the A-frame extension little giant ladder lowes. Using the palm of your hand, press down the orange hinge buttons on both sides of the ladder until they lock in the open position. Pull sides apart until the steps are in the desired position.

Adjust the height. The height of each side of the steps can be individually adjusted by means of lock tabs. There are two lock tabs on each side. Disconnect the lock tabs by dragging them firmly against the outside of the ladder. Raise or lower the ladder and reopen the lock tabs when you have reached the desired length. Set up the ladder. When you use a little giant ladder lowes, make sure it is a safe and stable position. All four feet must rest on a solid work surface.

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