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January 15, 2021 Cabinets

Ventilation of Flammable Cabinet Storage

Flammable cabinet storage – Because of the risk of fire and accumulation of gases inside the enclosure is always dangerous storage of flammable liquids. For this reason, proper storage of these materials requires the use of a flammable storage cabinet specially designed. These cabinets have been installed ports that allow ventilation. A port provides fresh air from the outside, while the other port eliminates any smoke cabinet. The connection holes only require you to slide into place and extending through an exterior wall.

Place the flammable cabinet storage in the final location. You can not move after connecting ventilation. Locate the two circular vents on the sides of the cabinet, to an air intake and one for exhaust smoke. Remove the cap for the exhaust pipe and insert the plug arrestor cabinet supplied with the flame. Measure the diameter of the exhaust opening and rigid metal purchase the same diameter.

Install a whole saw to a drill bit that is the same diameter as the duct. Place the bit against the wall and cut a hole in it. Walk outside the house and cut into side hole with a reciprocating saw or a whole saw. If the material is masonry use a hammer and chisel.

Insert the metal duct through the hole in the wall and into the opening of flammable storage cabinet. As you push the pipe in the closet rubber gasket closes around it to seal it. Caulk outside and inside the duct with high temperature sealant.

Do not attempt to create a flammable cabinet storage by cutting holes in a standard cabinet as it can not completely seal the holes and gases can escape. Do not use non-metallic duct to ventilate the cabinet.

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