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Washing Pink and Black Comforter Set

Pink and black comforter set – Common wisdom and common sense can say that an electric blanket should no longer be placed in a washing machine than a toaster should be put in the dishwasher. Fortunately, unless the blanket manufacturer expressly says otherwise, this is a case where popular wisdom fails. In other words, if you follow a few simple precautions (and do not put the blanket in the dryer), it’s ok to wash an electric blanket-unless, as mentioned earlier, the manufacturer explicitly says otherwise


Disconnect all cables from your pink and black comforter set, including all controls. The oval-looking blanket for all broken wires in the blanket itself. If bad wires exist, do not wash. Discard the blanket or contact the manufacturer if bad wires are detected. Set the washing machine to the mildest wash setting. Fill the bathtub with hot water at a high load and add mild detergent as you normally would.

Carefully place your bed heater in the bathtub, release it evenly around the agitator. Close the lid and run a laundry program, a rinse and spin cycle. Remove the pink and black comforter set from the tray after centrifugation cycle and gently put the blanket on an external washbasin where the felt can dry in the sun and the wind. If necessary, drape the blanket over two or more rows to keep it from the ground. Take the blanket back into the house after it is dry and plug all the cables back in.

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