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May 15, 2020 Oak

Weathered Oak Dresser Refinishing

Weathered Oak Dresser Refinishing – Do you want weathered oak dresser in the bedroom was a bit more attractive? If it is solidly built and well designed everything that may need a face lift? You can do it yourself at home and transform your oak dresser in a fresh artwork. First buy a chemical stripper marked as requiring “no cleanup” or as easily washed off with water. While some strippers in liquid form, others can be found that gel or cream. Since you will be working with both horizontal and vertical surfaces, it is best to avoid liquid form that will run off the sides of your agency.

Carefully follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the chemical stripper for refinishing weathered oak dresser. Loosen all Dresser drawers. You have to work with each separately until the process is complete. Spread a layer stripping over a small area of your office space. Wait for the time recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions while the stripper doing their work. Use a round edge scraper or putty knife to remove the old finish. In places where the finish refuses to loosen, steel wool soaked in stripping. In some areas, several applications of stripping required. Clean the remaining stripping from surfaces on your dresser with water or turpentine, according to your manufacturer’s instructions, and wait for the wood to dry.

Lightly sand weathered oak dresser surfaces where needed. Since your dresser is made of oak, you must work grain fillers in the grain. Allow the filler to dry before using a spatula or scrape off the excess. Sand lightly once along the grain line then apply a sanding sealer on all surfaces and let it dry before lightly sanding again. Apply your chosen stain evenly to the wood with a brush or cloth and allow it to penetrate into the wood so long desired. Use either polyurethane, water-based polyurethane or varnish, apply your finish.

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