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November 2, 2019 Bedspread Ideas

Well-Combined Matching Curtains and Bedspreads

Matching curtains and bedspreads – At the time of dressing a full bedroom, sometimes, we have a problem in the coordinates. We may have the quilt chosen for our bed, but we have a task that can be complicated or difficult to solve.  We look for a curtain that goes to the bedspread, in which case, the main thing is to pay attention to the colors it presents, and find the color palette that dominates the quilt.

If what you want is to look for a great contrast of matching curtains and bedspreads, choose for the curtain a color opposite to the predominant one of the quilt. For example, if the quilt is mauve or fuchsia, a yellow curtain will stand out a lot. Or in a shade of green bedspread, an orange curtain will stand out or vice versa. This technique is used on many occasions in children’s and / or youth bedrooms. In which the desired purpose is to highlight the color and its contrasts.

Do not think that you will decoratively load the bedroom. Because despite having the same prints or motifs, matching curtains and bedspreads are made thinking about it, to avoid the feeling of creating charged or tired environments. In addition, this option allows it to be curtain-bedspread or curtain-cover Nordic. So, think of always having the bedroom well coordinated.

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