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December 22, 2020 Walnut

What is Walnut Veneer?

Walnut veneer – Walnut veneer is wood made from thin sheets of walnut. These thin sheets of wood are typically used to cover other less expensive materials. In some cases, the term “walnut veneer” may be used with reference to a synthetic material designed. This is to imitate the appearance of walnut. But not actually made of walnut.

The wood of walnut tree is rich, dark and beautiful. However, it is also very unusual and therefore quite expensive. Walnut veneer is used to allow a small amount of timber to cover a much larger surface area than would be possible if used solid pieces of wood. Veneer-covered materials can then be stained, oiled or lacquered. The most common uses for walnut veneer in furniture construction and for panel.

In addition to the natural walnut veneer made of real wood, the synthetic products designed to mimic walnut. These synthetic typically contain a core of plywood or chipboard. This core is then covered with a thin layer of plastic, where an image of the grain in solid walnut was printed. The quality of such copied grains is highly variable. The best examples do resemble real walnut veneer, at least from a modest distance.

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