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October 17, 2020 Hickory

What Tile Matches with Hickory Flooring?

Hickory flooring, whether it is an all-wood construction or composition construction, has a rich and warm feeling. Pairing the hickory floors with tiles create an inviting space, perfect for entertaining or relaxing with family. You can match many different shades and colors of tile to hickory floors, but the color you choose depends on the overall look you hope to achieve.

Naturally hickory wood has a rich and warm color that pairs nicely with neutral shades. Take the lighter shades of tan and cream. These shades will not overload the color of the floor, but highlight its wealth. For a more upscale look, use a combination of colors in a grid on the floor; place the tray next to hickory. If you prefer a lighter and more modern approach to interior design, then choose a cream, eggshell or off-white tile color that allows hickory flooring shine.

Using lighter colors of the tiles will help tone down the somewhat dark appearance of hickory flooring. Natural hickory is quite dark, which can overwhelm a smaller room or a room with less light. Look for pieces that add a bright pop of color to the room and reduce the heavy feeling of hickory. A bright red lipstick, giving teal blue or Kelly green for a splash of visual excitement. Lighter colors have a fresh and light feeling, such as lemon egg blue, update darker wood and make it brighter.

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