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White Chenille Bedspread Design Idea

White chenille bedspread – The latest decorating styles like the chic movement of the cottage and modern country appearance create a sharp rise in the popularity of old-fashioned white chenille bedspread. Like most home decorating trends, everything old will be new again. Learn of how useful these bedspreads and how to work them into your decorating scheme.

White chenille bedspread gives a cleaner, easier appearance than you might find a quilted bedspread or other multi-colored bed covers. The advantages is, accessories like pillow shams and bed skirts are unnecessary when using a chenille bedspread, further enhancing the simple look. These white chenille bedspreads have a distinctive nubby texture. In fact, the word chenille comes from the French word for Caterpillar.

This texture can be wonderful for adding interest while decorating, but it can also collect dust. Some white chenille bedspread requires more frequent laundering than their colleagues. While duvets or quilts are typically only slightly longer than the mattress, bedspreads are designed to hang all the way to the floor. They are both longer and wider than other bed flooring. That means it’s extremely important to take precise measurements before ordering a white chenille bedspread for your bed. So, the end.

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