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October 19, 2020 Mosaic

White Mosaic Tiles Offer Many Design Possibilities

White mosaic tiles show that light optics does not need to be sterile. On the contrary, with the sensitive stones that are glued on the net, there are large patterns for floors and walls. Easy to add? Yes, mosaic tiles are suitable for laying on unusual shapes and look very nice even on small surfaces. So that each stone does not have to be individually or handyman, the stones are glued to the mosaic net.

White mosaic tiles combined with natural shades, bright neon colors, strong base colors or delicate pastel colors make a beautiful picture. Mosaic tiles are used not only on the wall but also on the floor. The material is stone, glass or ceramics to choose from. Mosa Mosaic tiles in different abrasion classes are available. If you use your tiles as floor coverings, choose Class IV for heavy floor tiles, Class III for medium floors. The wear classes I and II are suitable for wall panels and for easy use even for the floor.

There is also a luxury class in the area of ??white mosaic tiles, where over a hundred euros per square meter can be expected. But if you are well informed and looking closely you can find a bargain. Tips & tricks white mosaic tiles stick out especially if only individual parts of the room are designed with them. An ornament with borders of mosaic stones gives a special atmosphere.

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