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November 11, 2019 Comforter Sets

Will You Dare with Black Comforter Sets?

The black comforter sets can shrink very much a bedroom, especially if there is not much light and the ceilings are low. Therefore, the first key to use it successfully is to achieve a balance between the sheets and the rest of the stay . Do you want your bed to be dark? Leave the rest of the room in nuclear white, as dictated by the decorative Nordic style .

Another very simple and effective formula to incorporate dark bedding without fear in our bedroom is combining different sets of sheets or including lighter elements, such as blankets, cushions or the headboard of the bed. Try to do it on the same color scale, with black comforter sets. Different textures, such as wool or fur blankets, also work very well. In this way you reduce the effect of dark tones and you do not lose luminosity.

If you prefer to include dark bedding with all the consequences, without fear of looking smaller or the room becomes very dark, we recommend a very masculine style with natural wood and brown tones that make a whole statement of deco intentions. A small and dark room is nothing wrong, especially in these months of autumn and winter that cry out for cozy and much more intimate stays. And you? Will you dare with black comforter sets?

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