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Idea Compost Tumbler Diy

May 15, 2020 Garden

Wonderful Cedar Planter Box Diy

Cedar planter box diy – Flower boxes serve as useful containers for growing a wide variety of plants. If you are setting box in a window or on front porch, decorating it helps accentuate surrounding plants. Decorating a flower cedar box is an easy task that allows you opportunity to experiment with creative ideas. Using a wide variety of materials, decorating a cedar flower box is nice and adds to look of your container garden.

Place a template of your choice on front of center of cedar planter box diy. Templates come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs and there should be one suitable for motif you want to create, floral, geometric, curlicues or any other type you like. Adhesive tape edges of template for cedar box with masking tape. This holds in place so you can paint design properly and evenly.

Use a fine bristle brush and a color of acrylic paint that integrates or contrasts with color of your cedar planter box diy, depending on effect you want to achieve. Apply tip of brush inside trimming edge of template. Keep your hand steady and follow inside edge with a few movements or as you can do depending on how much your paint brush will perform at same time. Be careful not to move template while working.

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