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December 31, 2020 Designs

Wooden Ladder Stand Design

Ladder stand – A wooden ladder stand elevates you while deer hunting, giving you a clearer picture of your surroundings, especially in the thick woods deer inhabit. Raising himself also gets your scent from the ground, making it difficult for the deer to spot you. To build a ladder stand is simple and relatively economical. You can easily build several for use in different places in your hunting area. All you need is a few simple tools.

Build wooden ladder stand, cut a half-inch plywood to 4-foot-by-4 meter platform with a circular saw. Cutting a 2 of 4 to a length of 4 meters. Stand on the edge. Place the plywood on top of two-by-four. The 2 by 4 should be in line with what will become the front of the platform. Sink screws at both ends and on each foot in between attaching the 2-by-4 to the plywood.

Ladder stand, you can cut four 2 by 4s, each 46 1/2 inches long. Place them on the edge of the plywood, perpendicular to the first board. Screw outer boards in place flush with the sides of the platform. Place the two single boards parallel to the side boards, but allows a half-inches between the side boards and the internal boards. This will be where the steps go. Screw that before. Measure the width of the tree. Cut a semicircle notches from the back of the platform with a hacksaw so the tree trunk fits halfway into the slot.

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