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November 7, 2020 Accessories

Worktop Cement Countertops DIY

Cement countertops DIY – With the large variety of countertop material on the market, homeowners are faced with a plethora of options when it comes to the type and installation. If you paint your existing countertops or install completely new space, into a way to bind the sheets properly is with cement countertops DIY.


Clean your countertop surface to remove all surface contaminants. Cement countertops DIY will not bond well to dirty or pre-finished surfaces. Lay laminate sheet over your countertop surface. You should always cut the laminate slightly larger than the countertop.

Cut the laminate along the cutting line with a circular saw or utility knife with a special laminate foil. Sand the entire countertop surface with coarse sandpaper to roughen the surface and make it more ready to accept the new adhesive. Cover the entire countertop surface with a thin layer of adhesive.

Contact your cement countertops DIY product for proper drying time. Line up the laminate sheets over their appropriate places. Carefully place your laminate sheets on the countertop. Smoothness of the sheets in place along the upper edges and worktop. Roll the newly bonded laminate sheets with an area roll.

Press the edge pieces properly so that they line up with the top of the bench is perfect. Roll the edge pieces as you did the top to ensure a tight coupling. Clean up any excess cement countertops DIY escaping from the joints with acetone and a cloth.

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